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Jim Baiton and his son Reid have decided to bring back live music to Tumblers Pizza after a 20 year hiatus.

The first band to be featured after all these years will be The Milkman’s Sons playing a mix of classic and modern rock along with a little country and some punk just for fun. “We decided to kick things off with The Milkman’s Sons because they put on a great stage show and bring that fun “house party” kind of music that appeals to a very wide audience”, said manager Jim Baiton.

“It doesn’t hurt that they pack pretty much everywhere they perform”, quipped owner Reid Baiton.

“Tumblers is a great venue with awesome acoustics and light system, I used to DJ there a few years ago”, says Kenny K, lead singer for The Milkman’s Sons. “There’s really not a bad seat in the place, it’s really cool how the audience is seated all around the band. This makes it easier for us to interact with the crowd. To top it all off they have great food and really friendly staff.”