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House of Blues Chicago Welcomes The Milkman’s Sons as part of the “All Canadian” with The Tragically Hip.

Marketing savvy garnered through years of operating a Regina business has helped a fledgling local tribute band land a gig on the bill with the Tragically Hip at a famous venue in Chicago.

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Night to Remember Alzheimer patients – The Milkman’s Sons at Casino Regina

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The Milkman’s Sons Live a Casino Regina Show Lounge

Ken (L) and Mickey Kupchyk of The Milkman’s Sons with a photo of their mother, who died of Alzheimer’s disease. The Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan’s Night to Remember Fall Gala fundraiser will be held on Oct. 22 where The Milkman’s Sons will be performing at the event. Photo taken in Regina on October 5, 2015.

Photograph by: Don Healy , Regina Leader-Post

REGINA —  It’s all about remembering special people and an important cause.

The Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan’s Night to Remember Fall Gala, being held Oct. 22 at the Casino Regina Show Lounge, will strike a familiar chord with The Milkman’s Sons, the evening’s entertainment.

Three of the four band members have had a family member diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

“Performing at this event is very special for both me and my brother, Ken, because our mother, Alice Kupchyk, passed away last year. She had Alzheimer(’s disease),” explained Mickey Kupchyk. “It is also special for our drummer, Terry Anaka, whose own mother now suffers from Alzheimer’s.”

Sharing their music to benefit the charity and the people the Alzheimer Society supports seemed fitting, he said.

“When our mother was alive, Ken and I would go out to the home where she stayed to play guitar and sing for her and all the other Alzheimer patients,” Kupchyk recalled. “It is amazing how they respond to music and can remember the songs, even if they can’t remember their own family.”

When the society approached The Milkman’s Sons about performing at the annual fundraiser, the band jumped at the opportunity, but insisted on doing it for a “significantly cut rate.”

“We wanted the money to stay with the society as much as possible,” Kupchyk said. “That’s just such a small thing that we can donate. It’s very close and dear to us … We want them to make as much money as possible, so they can help more people.”

The Milkman’s Sons has played at The House of Blues in Chicago, at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, as well as the Craven Country Jamboree, but the upcoming performance at the Casino Regina Show Lounge will be a highlight in the band’s career, Kupchyk said. “This is one venue that was on our bucket list.”

“We are hoping to raise about $184,000,” said Trina Hodel, fund development and door relations co-ordinator for the Alzheimer Society of Saskatchewan. Last year’s event raised $172,000.

The evening will include live and silent auctions, featuring everything from box seats to an Oilers game in Edmonton to a trip to Scotland. The grand prize draw will be for a $12,500 diamond-and-gemstones bracelet from Victoria Jewellers.

Proceeds from the fundraiser will support research, programs and services for people with dementia and their caregivers and loved ones, Hodel said.

Tickets for A Night to Remember are $150

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The Milkman’s Sons kicked off the 2015 Craven Country Jamboree Wednesday, July 8 at Leopold’s Tavern beer gardens stage. “What a fabulous opportunity for our band to get to perform in front of over 10,000 people”, stated Mickey Kupchyk co- founder of the band, “I wish that every performer at some point gets the chance to play to such a huge receptive crowd!” The band performed a wide range of cover songs including: country, southern rock, and classic rock to a very appreciative crowd.

On Thursday The Milkman’s Sons closed out the night at Craven following headliners Blackjack Billy, an American country rock group based in Nashville.

We have quite the whirl wind tour going this year with The Milkman’s Sons. January we performed at The House of Blues in Chicago. Now we’ve played at the Craven Country Jamboree, one of the largest country music festivals in North America” said Kenny Kupchyk, lead singer for the band. “This was one of those special gigs we had on our wish list”. October 2015 The Milkman’s Sons are booked to play the Casino Regina Show Lounge.

The Milkman’s Sons have been described as “not just another cover band, but more of a “Tribute Band” – recreating the music you love to hear with amazing accuracy. The band’s lead singer, Kenny Kupchyk has the uncanny ability to emulate many voices including: Tom Petty, Steve Earle, Warren Zevon, Dwight Yoakam, and Billy Gibbons to name a few. They perform a song list made to please a wide variety of people, from Classic Rock to Modern Rock, Blues to Country, plus a few surprises. The band has earned its place by delivering a great evening of fun every time they hit the stage. The Milkman’s Sons are professionals who deliver the same show and energy whether performing to thousands of people or a couple of hundred”.

The group is composed of Kenny Kupchyk (lead vocals, bass guitar), Mickey Kupchyk (rhythm guitar, vocals), Terry Anaka (drums), and Brett Johnstone (lead guitar, vocals).

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The Milkman’s Sons have confirmed a tour date at SaskTel Summer Invasion Wascana Park August 22, 2014. We have been selected one of the top 3 featured bands.

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The Milkman’s Sons – Lock-up Your Mothers Tour Rolls into Regina to headlined a 4 band show at The Exchange during Grey Cup week in Regina on November 21, 2013.

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Awesome show and a great time at Broadway’s Lounge Western Pizza.

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Broadway’s Lounge/Western Pizza Tour Date Kicks Busy Month For The Milkman’s Sons

Broadway's Lounge Western Pizza

The Milkman’s Sons kick off a busy month with a 2 night gig at Broadway’s Lounge Western Pizza. Friday’s show starts at 8:00 p.m. and Saturday’s goes at 9:30 p.m. See you there!

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