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Here is what some of our clients and audiences have to say about Saskatchewan Cover Band The Milkman’s Sons.

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Saskatchewan Cover Band – The Milkman’s Sons

The Milkman’s Sons was a hit!

Thank you so much for supplying the wide variety of quality music to the 2800 in attendance. The music and the video screen along with the lighting provided entertainment and a “good time” atmosphere to our 2016 Rodeo Cabaret.

Lenora Bells
Canadian Cowboys Association
Rodeo Finals Committee

  • Reviewer: Lenora Bells
  • Event Date: October 22nd, 2016
  • Services Provided: Classic Rock Band, Country Band, Saskatchewan Cover Band

They Rocked Our Wedding!

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Saskatchewan Cover Band – The Milkman’s Sons

We had the milkman’s sons play at our wedding and all we and our guest can say is WOW what an amazing performance these guys put on!!! You men truly rocked the wedding the music you sang the instruments you played loved every single minute of it. You guys rocked and I didn’t want to leave my own wedding, had to dance till the very end. Thank you milkman’s son for a wicked time xoxo

  • Reviewer: Awan
  • Event Date: August 6th, 2016
  • Services Provided: Classic Rock Band, Saskatchewan Cover Band
  • Rating: 5 out of 5

rating starrating starrating starrating starrating star

Phenomenal!!! We love the Milkman’s Sons!

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Saskatchewan Cover Band – The Milkman’s Sons

The Milkman’s Sons are without a doubt the best live band you could choose to have come rock your party! I booked them to play at my Best Friend’s wedding last weekend and every guest was entirely impressed!! They really are the whole package and put on one hell of a show.

From the start, dealing with The Milkman’s Sons was a blessing. They a true professional and really helped bring our ideas together. Their input was very necessary and appreciated. Thank you Milkman Sons.

Also to boot… they are super talented and incredible performers! Everyone couldn’t help but dance the night away. It was a way better party than we ever could have imagined. Not to mention the stage set up and light show! Wow!

So thank you Milkman’s Sons for everything!! We loved getting to know each and every one of you! You are such great guys with so much talent and heart!

  • Reviewer: Lindsay Pozniak
  • Event Date: August 6th, 2016
  • Services Provided: Classic Rock Band, Saskatchewan Cover Band
  • Rating: 5 out of 5

rating starrating starrating starrating starrating star

“If you can’t get to see your favorite band or they aren’t around anymore… go see The Milkman’s Sons, close your eyes and let them transport you there. You will need to open your eyes… if you don’t you will run into people while you are dancin’ your ass off!!”

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Bill Parkinson – London, Ontario

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Saskatchewan Cover Band – The Milkman’s Sons

“It’s not just their music we like, it’s the friendship. Love you guys”

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An amazing success!

We were fortunate enough to be referred to The Milkman’s Sons as a possible band for our fundraising cabaret. The entire time communicating with Mickey and the crew was so easy. Arrangements were made speedily and Mickey was always so pleasant. We were able to bring an awesome band to our small town and the crew put on a show as though we were nothing less than number 1! From the posters, social media and show night everything was professional and top quality…. This goes for the music! Thank you to the Milkman’s Sons for making our cabaret a huge success.

  • Reviewer: Kara McIntyre
  • Event Date: October 3rd, 2015
  • Event Type: Fundraiser
  • Event City: Gull Lake, SK
  • Serviced Provided: Saskatchewan Cover Band
  • Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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Saskatchewan Cover Band – The Milkman’s Sons

Rockin’ Wedding Reception with Milkman’s Sons!

We recently had our wedding reception in Saskatoon at the Village Guitar Amp & Co. and were lucky enough to score the Milkman’s Sons as our live band. I cannot express how AWESOME they were! They played older rock, country, even the Black Keys! My wedding guests were blown away by how great they sounded and are still talking about their performance now. Their interaction with the guests throughout the show. (My husband told me at one point in the night that he got goosebumps when they played Foo Fighters) If you are looking for a good cover band for a wedding or any social event, then definitely give them a call.

I have seen them perform several times and I haven’t been disappointed yet!

I give you guys 5/5. Thanks again for making my reception one that people are still talking about!

  • Reviewer: Jennifer Evans
  • Event Date: August 1st, 2015
  • Event Type: Wedding Reception
  • Event City: Saskatoon, SK
  • Serviced Provided: Saskatchewan Cover Band
  • Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

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buy antabuse online cheap Great party band!

Got to enjoy the Sons at a wedding this past weekend. Loved the set list, stage set-up, and all around performance. Very talented guys and most of all, very friendly guys. They were all very helpful with everything asked of them at the wedding. Highly recommended.

  • Reviewer: Dallas Elder
  • Event Date: October 10th, 2015Event Type: Wedding Reception
  • Event City: Coronach, SK
  • Serviced Provided: Classic Rock Band, Saskatchewan Cover Band
  • Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

rating starrating starrating starrating starrating star

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Now don’t get me wrong, I was looking forward to my brothers’ wedding. But after he shared a facebook link that presented the band that he hired for his reception, I eagerly anticipated the big day. And they did not disappoint.

A mix of a few country songs early on was also appreciated by the crowd. A musician myself, I got off on the driving pedal notes on bass and growl of a Marshall amp. Do you know how difficult it is carrying on a conversation with your Aunt when your head is bobbing and want to sing along with “Lager and Ale’? The band was also very accommodating. I was asked to play guitar at the ceremony and the band set us up through their system. They were even able to make me sound good!

I was able to visit with the guys for a bit earlier in the day. What I took away from the conversation was the love these guys have for the music and their craft. I saw a committed effort to entertain and accommodate. AS a result, a good time was had by all. Oh, and they had a cool video screen backdrop…..

  • Reviewer: Graham Gagne
  • Event Date: October 10th, 2015
  • Event Type: Wedding Reception
  • Event City: Coronach, SK
  • Serviced Provided: Classic Rock Band, Saskatchewan Cover Band
  • Overall Rating: 4.2 out of 5

rating starrating starrating starrating starrating star


A great bunch of fellows that are perfectionists as entertainers and musicians and truly love what they do. They can put the cowboy hats on and do country then some southern rock and then kick it up a notch with some Canadian Rock all the while the dance floor is full. They are a must see band that will not disappoint !

  • Reviewer: Richard Gray
  • Event Date: September 18th, 2015
  • Event Type: Nightclub Event
  • Event City: Moose Jaw, SK
  • Serviced Provided: Saskatchewan Cover Band
  • Overall Rating: 4.4 out of 5

rating starrating starrating starrating starrating star


I heard this band a few years ago and they were good. When they started with Copper Head road at Tumblers I upgraded that good to awesome. The entire night they had my friends and I singing along to the classics with their great vocals, riffs and overall presentation of the variety of artists they cover. The best night with a live local band I have had going as far back as I can remember.

  • Reviewer: Randy Labatte
  • Event Date: April 24th, 2015
  • Event Type: Birthday (Adult)
  • Event City: Regina, SK
  • Serviced Provided: Saskatchewan Cover Band
  • Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

rating starrating starrating starrating starrating star

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I was shocked and amazed that The Milkman’s Sons could draw such a large crowd Saturday night on Easter weekend. Not only were there lots of people but for most it was a first time visit to our restaurant. This is a very professional band and they operate very businesslike. They put together a complete marketing campaign at absolutely no cost to us. They bring in full production: sound, lights, t-shirts for all our staff, everything. This was all very impressive but what really got me was their performance.

The Milkman’s Sons played a great mix of music that kept the place hopping all night long. The sound level was perfect. I can’t wait to get them back again

Jim Baiton
Tumblers Pizza

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Thank you to the ‘Milkman’s Sons’ for the great performance last night! It was a great time for everyone!

Facebook Post

The Milkman’s Sons put on a heck of a show here at Western Pizza Saturday night. They put together an aggressive promotional campaign that drew a capacity crowd, the best part – the advertising cost me nothing! The band entertained everyone with a wide range of classic rock, modern rock and country music all evening. The band’s volume was perfect – loud enough that everyone could clearly hear the music but not too loud so that customers could still have a conversation. The Milkman’s Sons are a very professional band. I’ve already booked then again.

Jeff Berner—Owner